Parkour Hero : Crazy Brawl
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Parkour Hero Crazy Brawl [Android / iOS]

Test your parkour, combat and speed skills in races against players in a four different environment. You can play with one of 11 customizable animal character with unique and upgradable skills. There is a lot of surprise awaits you in this dirty race. Be prepared, everyone has their own special powerups. Run, jump, do wallruns, backflips, simply have fun! Tricks make you faster but also harder to control your character. Don’t let let the other player win.

40 levels, 4 difficulty stages, you’ll emerge into the wild world full of burning volcanoes, scary caves, rocky mountains and many more. You’ll also experience urban areas with moving obstacles such as trains, cars and other stuff you can jump over!

The Parkour Hero: Crazy Brawl is developed and powered by Unreal Engine 4!




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