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Parkour Hero is an unique, fun and addictive 3D platformer game built on Unreal Engine 4, where players will experience an adventure like they have never before.

Game highlights:

9 CUSTOMIZABLE ANIMAL CHARACTERS - Cool looking characters to choose from, each of them having different stats and skills

EXCITING ENVIRONMENT - 40 unique levels divided across 4 difficulties, each level offering different and unique flow

DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY - Funny and challenging parkour puzzles, dynamic weather and daytime system, customizable controls, gamepad support

COMPETITIVE AND REWARDING CHALLENGES - Various daily challenges, where players perfect their parkour skills to be the fastest animal athlete. They can also compete with other players and become the best of them!


Parkour hero is a platformer game, based on cool looking, complex and fun levels players have to complete. On their way, they have to use wide range of parkour tricks, such as wallruns, various flips, jumps, ledge climbing, leaps, etc. to overcome obstacles and enemies on their way. As they progress further into the game, the environment gets tougher, obstacles get harder to overcome and enemies become more aggresive. On the other hand, player’s characters also get faster/stronger as they progress, and their parkour performance will be improving till the very end of the game, where they can proclaim themselves as a true parkour master!


As one of the animals from the world of Parkouria, players make parkour runs through various levels. On their way they collect coins and gems, which they can buy various upgrades with. Over the levels, they encounter tons of enemies and obstacles on their way, that will make sure to get the best of their parkour skills out of them. Players are being tested in various environments, wheather it’s jumping off dangerous cliffs of rocky moutains, avoiding hot lava in burning volcano caves, or climbing high buildings and running through urbanistic parks in cities. Upon completing levels and daily challenges, players are rewarded with cool bonuses and achievements.


Players get to choose from 9 unique characters. Each character has general abilities, these are: speed, which defines how fast they run, wallrun, which defines for how long they can run the walls and special ability regeneration, which defines the cooldown of their special skill. Appart from those, each character has one special ability, such as: skull power, which allows them to destroy nearby enemies, super-speed, which boosts their speed and allows them to run trough traps, and coin magnet, which allows them to magnetize nearby coins and pick-ups. All of those can be upgraded by spending collected coins and gems. The game also allows them to change appearance and perform various victory dances with their awesome champs.

Optimalization and localization

Parkour hero was built with strong focus on performance, so you dont really need a top-notch device in order to run the game smoothly. We wanted to make sure that all of the players will get same experience, no matter what mobile device they own. We also wanted to cover as many languages as possible, so all players accross the World will feel familiar the game.


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